White to Play - Draw (instead of Fine's White Wins)

1.Rd6+ Kf7 2.Rd5 b4 3.axb4 axb4! 4.Rd4 b3 5.Rd3 Rh8 6.Ke4 Rxh2! 7.Rxb3 Re2+ 8.Kd3 Rf2 9.Ke3 Rg2 10.Rb5 Rg1 11.Kd3 Rf1 12.Rb4 Rf2 13.b3 Rf3+! 14.Ke4 Rg3! 15.Rb5 Rg1 16.Rb4 Rb1? 16...Ke6 17.Rb6+ Kd7 draws as seen below. 17.Rb7+? 17.Ke5! Ke7 18.Rb7+ Kd8 19.Kf6 Rg1 20.b4 Kc8 21.Rf7 Rg4 22.Ke5 17...Ke6! instead of Fine's 17...Kf6? 18.Rb6+ Kd7! 19.Ke5 19.Rxg6 Rxb3 is an elementary draw, and White doesn't have a way to make progress after 19.b4 Rg1 20.Ke5 Kc7 21.Re6 Kb7 22.Kf6 Rg4 23.Re4 Kb6 19...Re1+ 20.Kf6 Rg1 21.Kg7 Rg4! 22.Rf6 Kc7 and White can't make further progress on the kingside, so the only chance to head back to the queenside 23.Kf7 Kb7 24.Ke6 Rg1 25.Kd5 Kc7! 26.Kc5 g5 27.Rf7+ Kc8! 28.f5 g4! 29.f6 g3 30.Rg7 Rf1! 31.f7 g2! 32.Kc6 Rf6+ 33.Kb5 Rxf7 34.Rxg2

Uncorrected as Position 767 in the Benko edition.